Get Lat,Long from Google Maps Bookmarklet

I was getting slightly bored (and pissed off) with using the “link to” on Google Maps to get the Latitude,Longitude for making a market file.

So this will be a storage area that I’ll be adding more and more bookmarklets to, to simplify my life and hopefully to simplify someone elses.

Get the longitude and latitude from the center of a map

Drag the marklet underneath here your bookmark bar ~ add to your favourites

javascript:var gce=gApplication.getMap().getCenter(),','+gce.lng();void((function(){prompt('',latlng);delete gce;delete latlng}))();

Google LatLong

Output: latitude, longitude

Clicking the link while its in your browser whilst on google maps will sort that bag of beans out, giving you a javascript prompt that you can copy and paste the long lat from :o)

Even more bookmarklets here :)