Examples for Google Maps jQuery Plugin

Map "Tescos, Middlebrook, UK"
$("#addressmap").fuGMAP({markers: [{address:'Tesco, Middlebrook, Bolton, UK'}], maptype: 'G_PHYSICAL_MAP'});

Maybe it would be fun to link that marker to the store opening times?

Mapped Address with ‘InfoWindow’ and Terrain Map Selected

$("#addressmapb").fuGMAP({markers: [{
      address:'Tesco, Middlebrook, Bolton, UK', 

Hmm but how about multiple addresses (muti-address-geocoding)

Simple as hell; I’ll change the format here for readability but you can do what ever you like.

Just for the sake of getting a few more features out of the way we’ll add a standard longitude/latitude as well as our addresses and setup the InfoWindows so they say what each place is in text (rather than a URL IFrame); oh and turn off the controls.

var findAddresses = { 
    controls: false,
    popup: "text",
    markers:[{address: "Leeds, UK", url:"Leeds, where  come from"},
    {address: "Radcliffe, UK", url:"Radcliffe or DSV to the locals"},
    {address: "Aberdeen, UK", url:"Aberdeen, dreary when wet"},
    {address: "Hull, UK", url: "Hull, the dump of the east"},
    {longitude:-2.4297, latitude:53.58048, url:"Boltonia, Kingdom of Carrs Pasty"}]};