What the fuck woke my PC up

My PC hates hibernating, in fact, it hibernates for a whopping minute then wakes up due to the genius default driver power management settings.

A quick way to find the culprit.
Open command prompt and ask...

C:\Users\Chris>powercfg -lastwake  
Wake History Count - 1  
Wake History [0]  
Wake Source Count - 0  

Of course, if it had woke up it would tell you what caused it.
My network card had reset its settings during some update and had decided it should wake my pc up; machine shuts down, router says hey where did you go, machine powers back up.
One check-box and bang, fixed.

Chris McKee

Chris McKee


Software Engineer, Web Front/Backend/Architecture; all-round tech obsessed geek. I hate unnecessary optimism

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